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Beside or Besides

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1. beside [bi'said] (prep.) (preposition of place similar in meaning to "at the side of" and "next to")
1. The car was parked beside the house.
2. I always sit beside my best friend in class.
3. My grandmother's house is right beside the river.

2. besides [bi'saidz] (prep.) (as a preposition means "in addition to" or "apart from"; it precedes a noun/pronoun/gerund)
1. Besides the fact that Janet is beautiful, she's also very smart.
2. There are three apples besides those on the table.
3. Do you know any other languages besides English?
4. Besides playing tennis, she also enjoys playing volleyball.

2. besides [bi'saidz] (adv.) (as an adverb means "as well”, "also"; it is also used for making an extra comment or adding another reason)
1. There is enough food for us and all our guests besides.
2. I can't go to a restaurant tonight. I'm too busy. Besides, I don't have any money.

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