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English LessonsTheme-Based English Lessons

Theme-based English lessons - study, learn, teach. There is a vocabulary list with lots of useful English words related to each English lesson.

Use Text to Speech service in a variety of languages, dialects and voices to hear the lessons. With this service you can also translate and learn English words from a vocabulary list.
 Lesson 1: English - the International Language
 Lesson 2: Urban Legends
 Lesson 3: The Story of Santa Claus
 Lesson 4: Popular Visions of the Future
 Lesson 5: Visions of the Future: Huxley and Orwell
 Lesson 6: The Greatest Love Story Of All Time
 Lesson 7: Body Language
 Lesson 8: Applying for a Job
 Lesson 9: British Cuisine
 Lesson 10: Can Annimals Think?
 Lesson 11: Ecotourism: the New Face of Travel
 Lesson 12: Galapagos Islands
Lesson 13: Heathrow Airport - UK gateway to the World
 Lesson 14: Crime and Punishment
 Lesson 15: New Year's Day - History, Traditions, and Customs
 Lesson 16: Buying a Home
 Lesson 17: The History of Money
 Lesson 18: The British Isles
 Lesson 19: Air Pollution
 Lesson 20: Handwriting Analysis
 Lesson 21: The Ancient Olympic Games
 Lesson 22: Children and the Media
 Lesson 23: The American Dream
 Lesson 24: Aurora Borealis - The Northern Lights
 Lesson 25: The Golden Rules of Driving
 Lesson 26: London
 Lesson 27: Alcohol, Drugs and Other Addictions
 Lesson 28: Summer Sports: Scuba Diving
 Lesson 29: Writing Business Letters
 Lesson 30: Winter Sports: Skiing and Snowboarding
 Lesson 31: Oxford and Cambridge Universities
 Lesson 32: Leonardo Da Vinci - the Man Who Wanted to Know Everything
 Lesson 33: Alternative Energy Sources: Solar Energy
 Lesson 34: The European Union

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