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Course or Coarse

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1. course [ks] (n.) 1. route or direction; 2. a series of lessons or lectures in a particular subject; 3. a dish or set of dishes served together; 4. flow (v.) (liquid); 5. pursue (v.) (to use dogs to pursue hares); 6. golf course (n.) (an area of land on which a sport is golf is played)

1. The ship quickly changed its course to avoid the storm.
2. Pamela was taking an English course last year.
3. The main course of the meal was delicious.
4. When my daughter watches a sad movie her tears are coursing down her face.
5. While they were coursing hares they saw a deer.
6. There is a golf course near our town.

2. coarse [ks] 1. (adj.) rough and not smooth or soft; composed of not very small pieces or particles; 2. (adj.) rude and offensive

1. The wooden table in their yard is so coarse.
2. The sand of this beach is coarse but the sea is calm like a lake.
3. Tom often uses coarse language in his speech, which makes his mother angry.
4. My neighbor's coarse bihavior drives me crazy.

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