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Farther or Further

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Farther and further are both comparative forms of "far". Farthest and furthest are the superlative forms.

1. farther ['fa:] (adv.) 1. at or to a greater distance; 2. to a greater degree or extent

1. The hotel was farther to the airport than I expected.
2. She walked farther down the street.
3. The ship was sailing farther and farther.

2. farther ['fa:] (adj.) 1. more distant or remote than something; 2. extending or tending to a greater distance;

1. They live in the farther house from here.
2. We have booked a table at the farther restaurant down the street.
3. The farther side of the mountain is more beautiful.

3. further ['f:] (adv.) express a relationship to a place or time; something additional or to a greater degree

1. I'm very tired. I can't walk much further.
2. The police are going no further in their investigation.
3. He needed to develop his reading further.

3. further ['f:] (adj.) describes something that is beyond or additional; refer to something that is greater in degree or amount; more

1. The company gave no further details on the new development.
2. I have no further comments to make.
3. Let me know immediately if you hear any further news.


:: In the USA, when they are talking about physical, measurable distance, they use farther (although it is possible to see further in some text).

:: In the UK when they are talking about physical, measurable distance they use further (or farther).

:: Keep in mind that only further is used to describe figurative distance:
- She is going no further in her studies.

:: Further is also used in various abstract and metaphorical contexts (for example referring to time, in which farther is unusual)

- without further delay
- to stay a further three months

:: In Canadian, Australian and New Zealand English farther is not very common. They use further to mean both "at a greater distance" and "in addition, more, moreover".

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