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Historic or Historical

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1. historic (a) (a historic event is one whose significance will be remembered by future generations) - исторически, с историческо значение за обществото като цяло и бъдещите поколения
The historic Battle of Trafalgar was fought on 21st October 1805 and was the battle in which Admiral Nelson lost his life. /Историческата битка при Трафалгар се води на 21 октомври 1805 и е битката в която адмирал Нелсън загива./

2. historical (a) (refers to whatever existed in the past, whether regarded as important or not) - исторически, отнасящ се до миналото/историята, независимо от неговото значение
I enjoy reading historical books. /Обичам да чета исторически книги./

* While these distinctions are useful, don’t be surprised if you see these words used interchangeably.

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