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Precede, Proceed or Proceeds

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1. precede [pri'si:d] (v.) - to come before something else, to be earlier than (1, 2); to go ahead or in front of (3)
1. The snow was preceded by heavy rain.
2. The birth of Elizabeth was preceded by that of her half-sister Mary Tudor.
3. Our son always precedes his friends.

2. proceed [pr'si:d] (v.) - means to continue, to go on (1); to go forward, to move in particular direction (2)
1. I will proceed with the test, althogh I think there is no chance to pass it.
2. You must proceed carefully into the forest.

3. proceeds ['prousi:dz] (n.) (always in the plural) - the money obtained from an event, activity, sale of land, or other property; it is also used in reference to an insurance settlement (The insurance proceeds are payable to...)
1. All proceeds from the concert will go to an educational foundation.
2. A portion of the proceeds from the sale will help us purchase a new car.

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