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Role or Roll

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role [roul](n) a part in a play, movie or show played by a person

Tina played the role of the queen in our school play.

- a function played by a person, group or thing

Tom is playing a leading role in our team.
Stone, metal, wood, clay, and papyrus have all played the role of a writing material at one time or another.

roll [roul](n) a small piece of bread for one person: eaten plain, with butter, or as a light meal filled with cheese, meat, etc.

I'm very hungry, so I'm going to rub some butter all over this roll and eat it immediately.

- a list of names of people

Please, wait a minute. They are going to call the roll soon.
The main form for the ancient works of literature was the papyrus roll.

roll (v) to turn over and over (rolling down a hill)

The children were rolling down the hill when their mother arrived.
The boy kicked the boll, it rolled and hit the wall.

- to turn something (for example paper) into a tube

The newspaper I bought this morning was folled.
His grandfather rolled his own cigarettes.

- to rotate

The ballet dancer rolled so beautifully.
The kids were laughing while the top was rolling on the floor.

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